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About Us

Global Expo provides turnkey solutions to all our clients nationwide using a team of handpicked exhibit professionals.

Tailoring all of our convention efforts around customer service, we provide logistical support by answering customer questions and providing services that arise during trade shows. We assist with paperwork regarding unions, convention site requirements, staffing and payroll, as well with an endless list of other services and needs that can arise during a convention cycle.

We are a people business.

While we use technology to great advantage, we recognize that in the convention and trade show business, personal communication, attention to detail, and relationships with our clients are the keys to ensuring the best trade show experience. Starting with our Founder and CEO,William  William "Bill" Petrie, you will receive personalized attention rather than a one-size-fits-all experience. We tailor our offerings around your requirements, so you will pay only for the services that are right for you. Our years of experience and contacts in the industry help us get the work done quickly, cost effectively, and expertly.

Let's face it... what separates Global Expo from other exhibit companies is its ability to provide exclusive service, to pay attention to detail, and to go the extra mile to insure the customers' expo experience is one that brings them back to us year after year. 

We are a people business. We never lose sight of this. Success demands that all people involved in the process reach out and deliver above and beyond what's required of them.  Then success will come to the event, the customer, and to all individuals involved.  At Global Expo, we really believe this and practice this every day.  Our success is your success. Globally we can all make a difference and a better world. Peace.