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Questions & Answers

At Global Expo, we believe in the personal touch. We are happy to answer your questions. If your Question isn't among the Questions and Answers below, please contact us!

How can I save on costs?

There are many ways to save money without skimping on style and image.

It is important to plan well in advance of your event. Any rush job will cost more and you lose out on opportunities for discounts.

Many trade shows and conventions have discount periods. We can help you take advantage of these. Also, discounts are available for carpeting, lighting, drayage, and other services. As a company located in Las Vegas, Global Expo can help plan your budget to take advantage of the discounts available to you locally.

Also, with proper timing of your setup, you can avoid evening and weekend rates.  There are many nuances to the cost management, and these are best handled by experts who are on location.

It is less expensive to rent an exhibit solution rather than manufacture one if it is a one-time event. For recurring use, we can help you with a cost/benefit analysis of your options.

If you already own an exhibit solution that you are thinking of replacing, it might be more cost effective to refurbish the one you have. Our expert staff can help you make that decision.

If you routinely ship your exhibit to other venues, replacing an old exhibit with one of the newer, lighter weight exhibits will save on shipping costs.

The experts at Global Expo know how to save you money and always have an eye on the bottom line so that your event can be cost effective.