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Like what you see?

Like what you see?

Interested in renting one of the exhibits shown in this gallery? If so, please

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Rental Solutions

You will have choice of finished exhibit design style, laminate or fabric colors, lighting, and flooring. We will work with you to develop a high quality product within your budget range. To set your exhibit display apart from the crowd, Global Expo can customize your tradeshow booth with logos and other graphics.

Browse our gallery below for ideas or download all or part of The Exhibitors' Handbook for a complete range of available products to make your display shine.

Delta 10 x 10

The offset back wall gives the Delta Line a unique visual perspective that breaks  up the straight lines that are usually seen in displays. This allows the display to present a different perspective each time a client looks at it.  Very sensual and elegant. The Delta 10x10 display packs powerful interest into a compact space.